The Resort

Our Philosophy is to place Cyprus and Cap St. Georges on the luxury destination map

Thanks to its western-facing position, a private enclave of sea-facing villas was created by some of the world’s best designers for the world’s highest achievers. Cap St. Georges enjoys idyllic stretches of the Mediterranean Sea along with some of the most iconic sunsets.

At Cap St. Georges we began to realize that we are individuals with our own unique qualities. So what is the first thing we do to express that individuality? We seek others who share the same interests as us!

Cap St Georges was born of a dream to create a community: a place of refuge for high achievers who sought an idyllic, private space for relaxing and entertaining. The concept is simple: an enclave of bespoke designer villas within paces of an unspoilt shore and a shimmering blue sea, with first-class security and concierge services on hand at all times.
Here, the clamouring world is shut out at the gate, everyday stresses dissolve and families are free to spend time together; it’s a place for Zen serenity or lavish parties, whatever suits the mood.

Offering 5 star hotel services, it is one of the only projects in Cyprus with a seafront Clubhouse including a sandy beach, swimming pool, seashore restaurant, bar, spa and treatment rooms, gym, multi-purpose halls, large conference room, tennis court, horse riding, water sports, private heliport and much more.

The resort can cater for any kind of event such as amazing wedding receptions, professional canapé meetings and any other function that may be requested.

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