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Your wedding should be a day that is anticipated with excitement, experienced with joy, and remembered always with great fondness. Here at the Cap St Georges Club House we offer a truly relaxing setting, with the glorious Mediterranean Sea acting as the perfect back drop for the ceremony.

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When a wedding is outside it is preferable for the ceremony to take place close to water, for this traditional is steeped in folklore. The key element being that the bride and groom with their guests will make a wish or blessing and cast a stone into the water. The ripples that are made represent the love and good wishes for not only the couple but for all their guests, here at Cap St George we offer not only the proximity of the dazzling azure blue Mediterranean sea but a unique natural well which for hundreds of years local shepherds would come to draw water for their flock.

Weddings at Cap St Georges

The Cap St. George well comes with a local love story, seemingly a pair of star crossed lovers were told them could not marry as the young man was considered not rich enough for this farmers daughter hand. The desperate couple then ran down to the well and as they clambered to the rim of the well with the intention of throwing themselves down into the dark waters below, several large stones were dislodged and from its ancient hiding place out fell a beautiful gold box. The couple prised open the lid to find inside a treasure trove of ancient precious jewels and gold coins.
Naturally the girl’s father then agreed to the wedding, today it is still believed that being married close to the well will bring great happiness and riches to the couple.
We do so want this to be a day which will be remembered for all the right reasons and here we ensure that in choosing the Cape St Georges Clubhouse for your celebration, you will be able to relax, and thoroughly enjoy the day, as we will take care of all the details ensuring family and friends relish this truly beautiful, intimate atmosphere.

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