Meet our Spa Manager – Katarina Lupsinova

” My journey with Cap St. Georges begun in November 2016; I had just freshly returned from Slovakia, where I created a concept of the Spaat Salamandra resort and successfully launched its operation. Even though I miss home daily, my husband and I decided to choose Cyprus as a place for bringing up our children. More than 300 sunny days a year makes your life easier in many ways 😊as well our children can fluently speak Russian, Slovak, English and learning Greek at school, which is a very nice benefit of mixed marriage and a supportive international environment in Cyprus, not even mentioning easy going life style and safety.

As soon as I came for the interview I fell in love with the beach club resort Cap St.Georges. Its beautiful location and tranquil atmosphere makes it a very special place on this island. Since there were no Spa service before I could form it from a blank page. Our well Spa-experienced clientele very soon started to appreciate my variety of techniques, holistic approach and 15 years of professional experience.
Except of basic techniques such as Swedish, relaxing, deep tissue, Indian head, remedial massage, my specializations are Shiatsu (3 years studies diploma), Craniosacral therapy, which I learned from Austrian professor of Upledger Institute. If needed I use inner organ manual therapy, or scar tissue treatment. What I am most excited about, within a year’s time we reached a holistic platform, where people would travel to us from different parts of Cyprus to be treated, because we listen to them, we learn, we transform for the better, each one of us in resort.

I am intensively in Spa industry for the last 15 years and perceiving constant development. When we speak specifically of Spa products, recent years people start to realize that promises of fast results due to chemical ingredients are not long lasting and even more, might be damaging in a long-term perspective. The newest trend is clear: From farm to table, from farm to the skin. Skin is the largest organ of our body. Additives in food are a big issue in the world, and the same trend follows in cosmetic products. We all want to look beautiful, but today we know better than ever, that our look is a blend of nutrition, life style, emotional state and many other factors. How many times I could see enormous changes in a facial expression after releasing pain and stiffness in the body. Women looked 10 years younger coming out of a treatment room.

If you want to look good, do everything possible to feel good, learn what helps you and then do it for you and the most important be kind to yourself…”

Katarina Lupsinova

Holistic & Remedial therapist

Spa manager

Cap St. George Beach Club Resort